About America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places

About the List

Since 1988, the National Trust has used its list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places to raise awareness about the threats facing some of the nation's greatest treasures. The list, which has identified 242 sites to date, has been so successful in galvanizing preservation efforts that only a handful of sites have been lost. Dozens of sites have been saved through the tireless work of the National Trust, its partners, and local preservationists across the country. Many more sites are now considered "favorable" and are on the path to a positive solution. Still, others remain threatened, and the National Trust and its partners continue in their efforts to protect these important endangered places.

Nominate a Site for the 2014 List

We are now accepting nominations for the 2014 list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. If you know of an important site across the country that could benefit from the national spotlight that only the 11 Most program can deliver, please consider nominating it to the 2014 11 Most list. When evaluating a potential site for inclusion on the list, we consider a range of factors, including its significance, whether there is a local group engaged in its preservation, the urgency of the threat the site faces, and potential solutions to that threat.

The deadline to submit nominations is March 3, 2014. Nomination forms and additional information can be found here.

2013 List of America's Most Endangered Historic Places

 Abyssinian Meeting House, Maine, 2013

 Astrodome, Texas, 2013

 Gay Head Lighthouse, Massachusetts, 2013

 Historic Rural Schoolhouses of Montana, Montana, 2013

 James River, Virginia, 2013

 Kake Cannery, Alaska, 2013

 Mountain View Black Officer’s Club, Arizona, 2013

 Rancho Cucamonga Chinatown House, California, 2013

 San José Church, Puerto Rico, 2013

 Village of Mariemont, Ohio, 2013

 Worldport Terminal at JFK Airport, New York, 2013

Use this interactive map and timeline to explore past listings.