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Use this tool to search for sites included on America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list in the last two decades. Since 1988, more than 250 sites have been recognized as threatened. You can search by state, year, or even find out whether a site has been saved or still needs your support.

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 James River, Virginia, 2013

 Joe Frazier’s Gym, Pennsylvania, 2012

 John Coltrane Home, New York, 2011

 Juana Briones House, California, 2010

 Kake Cannery, Alaska, 2013

 Kenilworth, Illinois, Illinois, 2006

 Kennecott Mines, Alaska, 1990, 1991

 King Island, Alaska, 2005

 Knight Foundry, California, 1996

 Kootenai Lodge, Montana, 2006

 Kw'st'an Sacred Sites at Indian Pass, California, 2002

 Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, 1999

 Little Manila, California, 2003

 Little Rock Central High School, Arkansas, 1996

 Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Corridor, Texas, 2001

 Louisiana's Historic River Road, Louisiana, 1992

 Lāna‘i City , Hawaii, 2009

 Madison-Lenox Hotel, Michigan, 2004

 Malcolm X – Ella Little-Collins House, Massachusetts, 2012

 Manassas National Battlefield, Virginia, 1988

 Manuelito Archaeological Complex, New Mexico, 1994

 Mapes Hotel, Nevada, 1998

 Memorial Bridge, New Hampshire, 2009

 Merritt Parkway, Connecticut, 2010

 Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, 1998


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