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Use this tool to search for sites included on America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list in the last two decades. Since 1988, more than 250 sites have been recognized as threatened. You can search by state, year, or even find out whether a site has been saved or still needs your support.

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 Malcolm X – Ella Little-Collins House, Massachusetts, 2012

 Manassas National Battlefield, Virginia, 1988

 Manuelito Archaeological Complex, New Mexico, 1994

 Mapes Hotel, Nevada, 1998

 Memorial Bridge, New Hampshire, 2009

 Merritt Parkway, Connecticut, 2010

 Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado, 1998

 Metropolitan AME Church, District of Columbia, 2010

 Miami Marine Stadium, Florida, 2009

 Michigan Avenue Streetwall, Illinois, 2008

 Michigan Boulevard Garden Apartments, Illinois, 2003

 Michigan's Historic Lighthouses, Exemplified by DeTour Reef Light, Michigan, 1998

 Miller-Purdue Barn, Indiana, 2001

 Minidoka National Historic Site, Idaho, 2007

 Minute Man National Historical Park and Environs, Massachusetts, 2003

 Mission San Miguel Arcangel, California, 2006

 Missouri River Cultural and Sacred Sites, South Dakota, 2002

 Mokuaikaua Church, Hawaii, 2014

 Monocacy Aqueduct, Maryland, 1998

 Montezuma Castle, New Mexico, 1997

 Mount Taylor, New Mexico, 2009

 Mountain View Black Officer’s Club, Arizona, 2013

 Music Hall, Ohio, 2014

 Nantucket, Massachusetts, 2000

 Natchez, Mississippi, 1994


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