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Use this tool to search for sites included on America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list in the last two decades. Since 1988, more than 250 sites have been recognized as threatened. You can search by state, year, or even find out whether a site has been saved or still needs your support.

Year Listed
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 Oldest Surviving McDonald's, California, 1994

 Ossabaw Island, Georgia, 1995

 Over-the-Rhine Neighborhood, Ohio, 2006

 Palladium Building, Missouri, 2014

 Peace Bridge Neighborhood, New York, 2008

 Penn School, South Carolina, 1990, 1991

 Petoskey, Michigan, 1996

 Philip Simmons' Workshop and Home, South Carolina, 2007

 Pillsbury "A" Mill Complex, Minnesota, 2011

 Pinon Canyon, Colorado, 2007

 Pompey's Pillar, Montana, 2002

 Prairie Churches of North Dakota, North Dakota, 2001

 Prehistoric Serpent Mound, Ohio, 1993

 Prentice Women's Hospital, Illinois, 2011

 President Lincoln's Cottage, District of Columbia, 2000

 Princeton Battlefield, New Jersey, 2012

 Pullman Historic District, Illinois, 1999

 Pågat, Guam, 2010

 Rancho Cucamonga Chinatown House, California, 2013

 Red Mountain Mining District, Colorado, 2000

 Richard H. Allen Memorial Auditorium, Alaska, 1999

 Ridgewood Ranch, Home of Seabiscuit, California, 2004

 Rosenwald Schools, South Carolina, 2002

 Roycroft Inn/Campus, New York, 1989, 1990

 San Diego Arts & Warehouse District, California, 1999


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