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Use this tool to search for sites included on America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list in the last two decades. Since 1988, 242 sites have been recognized as threatened. You can search by state, year, or even find out whether a site has been saved or still needs your support.

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 South Pasadena/El Sereno, California, 1989, 1990, 1991, 1992, 1993

 South Pass, Wyoming, 1995

 Southeast Light, Rhode Island, 1990, 1991

 St. Elizabeths Hospital, District of Columbia, 2002

 State of Vermont, Vermont, 2004

 Stevens Creek Settlements, Nebraska, 2001

 Stewart's Point Rancheria, California, 2007

 Stillwater Bridge, Minnesota, 1997

 Sumner Elementary School, Kansas, 2008

 Sweet Auburn Historic District, Georgia, 1992, 2012

 Sweetgrass Hills, Montana, 1993

 Teardowns in Historic Neighborhoods, *United States, 2002

 Telluride Valley Floor, Colorado, 2001

 Terminal Island, California, 2012

 The Boyd Theatre, Pennsylvania, 2008

 The Cornices (and Buildings) of Harlem, New York, 1994

 The Lower East Side, New York, 2008

 The Manhattan Project's Enola Gay Hangar, Utah, 2009

 The Old Mint, California, 1994

 The Statler Hilton Hotel, Texas, 2008

 The Village of Zoar, Ohio, 2012

 Theodore Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch, North Dakota, 2012

 Thomas Edison's Invention Factory, New Jersey, 1993

 Threefoot Building, Mississippi, 2010

 Tiger Stadium, Michigan, 1991, 1992


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