11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Brandy Station Battlefield

Year Listed: 1993
Location: Brandy Station, Virginia
Threat: Development


Twenty thousand Union and Confederate soldiers met here in 1863 in the largest calvary battle ever fought in the Western Hemisphere. Though Southern forces held the field at day's end, the battle marked the emergence of the Northern calvary as equal to its highly regarded Confederate foe. The rural landscape, encompassing both the battleground and the site of the Union Army' Largest winter encampment of the war, has changed remarkably little since the 1860s, with historic houses and roads intact, campsites and trenches still clearly visible, with even fence lines in their original locations. But this important site, partially zoned for industrial use and enjoying easy access to a public airport, major highways and an active rail line, faces development pressures that make the threat of ad hoc sprawl very real. To prevent it, sensitive land-use planning is needed for the entire area, along with protection for the critical portion of the battlefield.