11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Country Estates of River Road

Year Listed: 1999
Location: Glenview, Kentucky
Threat: Development, Neglect



The wooded bluffs along the Kentucky shore of the Ohio River have always attracted those in search of scenic beauty and peace. Between the 1870s and 1930s, families whose names constitute a "who's who" of local political power and social prominence employed well-known architects and landscape architects (including Carrere and Hastings and the Olmstead Brothers) to design homes and gardens in the River Road area. The product of their handiwork is a beautiful enclave of rolling hills, sweeping vistas, lush gardens and stately homes that vividly evoke the era of the country estate. Now, however, the tranquility of River Road has been shattered. A proposed multi-lane highway and bridge would bisect two historic districts and could trigger suburban sprawl in the area; in addition, a planned water treatment facility would introduce five-story-tall industrial structures into the pastoral setting.