11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Elkmont Historic District

Year Listed: 2004
Location: Elkmont, Tennessee
Threat: Deterioration, Neglect

Cabin 43 in the Elkmont Historic District, Tennessee. The Elkmont Historic District was on the 2004 America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list.

Credit: Patrick McIntyre



Nestled in the heart of America's most heavily visited national park, Elkmont represents a tangible link with East Tennessee's rural history as well as the infancy of the national park system. Established in 1908 as a base for commercial logging, Elkmont housed many prominent figures lured by the Smokies' abundant hunting and fishing opportunities. After two-thirds of the area's forests had been depleted by logging, summer residents began advocating government protection for the region – an effort that eventually led to the establishment of the national park that now draws more than 9 million visitors annually.