11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Spring House

Year Listed: 2014
Location: Tallahassee, Florida
Threat: Deterioration

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Spring House
Photo by Alan C. Spector


Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and constructed in 1954, Spring House is the only built private residence designed by Wright in the state of Florida. The novel hemicycle form of Spring House represents a late, and little known, stage in Wright’s long, prolific career. Although there are approximately 400 intact houses attributed to Wright throughout the country, only a fraction were from his hemicycle series.  Spring House was recognized as a significant structure and placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1979, when it was only 25 years old.
Despite its unique design and its association with America’s most famous architect, the house is deteriorating and urgently in need of repairs. Exposure to hurricanes and wind storms has led to water intrusion, and the damage is visible throughout the interior of the house.  In addition, tall cypress columns have deteriorated at their bases, and insect and woodpecker damage is apparent on the cypress siding.

Spring House Institute is planning to launch a capital campaign to purchase and restore the house to its original grandeur.