11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Historic Neighborhood Schools

Year Listed: 2000
Location: *United States
Threat: Public Policy, Development


South Park School, Beaumont, Tex.

Credit: Sherry Sharp, SaveSouthPark.org

The nation's older and historic neighborhood schools have touched the lives of tens of millions of Americans. Today, these treasured national icons and stalwart symbols of community pride are fast disappearing. From Stevens School in Washington, D.C., Corning Free Academy in New York, and Salazar Elementary in New Mexico to Alexander II Elementary in Georgia, Broadwater Elementary in Montana, and PS 109 in East Harlem, historic neighborhood schools are being demolished or deserted - the victims of deferred maintenance, consolidation, development pressure, inadequate government funding, policies promoting the construction of mega-schools in outlying locations, and an often misplaced belief in the superiority of new school construction.