11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Historic Neighborhoods of New Orleans

Year Listed: 2006
Location: New Orleans, Louisiana
Threat: Public Policy, Deterioration


Founded in 1718, New Orleans is a rich gumbo of cultures - French, Caribbean, African, American and many others. This vibrant heritage is evident in 20 National Register Historic Districts, where more than 30,000 structures display an enormous variety of architectural styles and forms - from simple Creole cottages and shotgun houses to elegant galleried mansions with ornate wooden and cast-iron ornamentation. Threat: The challenge of recovering from an unprecedented storm has overwhelmed both public and private efforts. While owners wrestle with the complexities and uncertainties of job losses, flood insurance payouts, levee reconstruction, restoration of public services and endless delays, historic buildings continue to deteriorate. Many have also been unnecessarily "red-tagged" for demolition.