11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Kootenai Lodge

Year Listed: 2006
Location: Bigfork, Montana
Threat: Development


View of the Kootenai Lodge shoreline in the fall.

Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservation

One of the most significant historic places in Northwest Montana, Kootenai Lodge Historic District consists of 20 buildings, including a Main Lodge (built in the early 20th century), several smaller lodges, dining halls and various cabins. The buildings range in size from the humble quarters of the hired help to the magnificent lodge and living quarters for residents and guests. Almost all the structures are built of cedar and larch logs, hand-peeled to retain the colorful and delicate cambium layer as a decorative touch, and all nestle into the landscape as if they have been here forever. To compliment the remarkable log buildings, the landscape was designed with a variety of native and exotic trees and shrubs. Man-made elements, such as stone bridges, gravel walks, arbors and seating areas are scattered throughout the property. Designed to take advantage of the open vistas of the meadow and seclusion of the wooded areas, these spaces enhance the visual appeal and natural serenity of the lake and nearby mountains.