11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Corridor

Year Listed: 2001
Location: Texas
Threat: Deterioration, Development, Neglect

Silverio de la Pe?a Post Office, Rio Grande City, Texas in Los Caminos del Rio Heritage Corridor, Lower Rio Grande Valley, Texas.

Credit: Credit: Mario Sanchez


Stretching for 200 miles between the cities of Laredo and Brownsville, the area known as "Los Caminos del Rio" encompasses farms and ranches, fast-growing cities and dusty small towns whose history and architecture reflect a rich blend of Hispanic, Latino and Anglo cultures. The region is also a patchwork of newfound economic prosperity and longstanding poverty - a perplexing paradox that has thwarted efforts by agencies on both sides of the US-Mexican border to preserve historic buildings and neighborhoods and encourage heritage tourism.