11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Madison-Lenox Hotel

Year Listed: 2004
Location: Detroit, Michigan
Threat: Deterioration, Development, Neglect


One of Detroit's most significant remaining examples of turn-of-the-century downtown residential architecture may have a date with the wrecking ball. Built in 1901, the Madison-Lenox was a fashionable residential hotel until suburbanization and inner-city decline forced it to close. Today, more than a decade of abandonment has left the once-elegant building ravaged by vandalism and deterioration. But its stately design remains impressive, and its location at a critical point between two historic neighborhoods that are experiencing revitalization means that a restored Madison-Lenox could play an important role in the area's burgeoning renaissance. Damaged but salvageable, the Madison-Lenox is an opportunity waiting to be embraced, an asset too important to waste.