11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Stewart's Point Rancheria

Year Listed: 2007
Location: Stewart's Point, California
Threat: Natural Forces, Public Policy, Deterioration

Side view of the round house at Stewart's Point Rancheria, California.

Credit: National Trust for Historic Preservatioin



The Kashia Pomo Native American tribe has inhabited what is now Northern California for thousands of years. Though squeezed out of much of their ancestral land by the 1840s, in 1914, the federal government purchased an isolated 40-acre tract – high on a ridge five miles from the Pacific Ocean -- as a permanent residence for the Kashia.  The site is home today to 680 Kashia and contains their prehistoric village as well as two buildings that are highly significant to Kashia culture: the Regalia House and the sacred Old Round House.  Both buildings are located on the village site called Tsu nun u shinal (Huckleberry Heights), which is at least 6,000 years old.