11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Village of East Aurora

Year Listed: 1995
Location: East Aurora, New York
Threat: Development


Accessible by only three two-lane roads, East Aurora is the site of the historic Roycroft campus, which played a major role in the founding of the American Arts and Crafts Movement. East Aurora's Main Street draws merchants who contribute greatly to the community through sponsorship of civic activities while providing a variety of goods and services for the village's 6,000 residents. The economic health of Main Street, and the contribution it makes to East Aurora's sense of community, has been threatened by the potential commercial development of a Wal-Mart on a large tract of land located at the edge of the village. In addition to draining the economic vitality from downtown businesses, the proposed oversized retail center would clog the small-town roads, stimulate sprawl on the village outskirts and irreparably alter the qualities that make East Aurora a popular place in which to live and do business.