11 Most Endangered Historic Places

Village of Mariemont

Year Listed: 2013
Location: Mariemont, Ohio
Threat: Road Construction

Village of Mariemont
Photo by Karen Sullivan


One of America’s most picturesque communities, the Village of Mariemont is a National Historic Landmark designed between 1921 and 1925 by renowned landscape architect and community planner John Nolen. Considered one of America’s most important examples of town planning, it was named a “Top 10 Great Neighborhood in America” by the American Planning Association in 2008, and its elegant layout continues to inspire planners and designers to this day.

Now, the Ohio Department of Transportation is proposing a major transportation project that would significantly impact the Village, including a possible elevated highway through its southern border. In addition to disrupting Mariemont’s design, the proposed transportation project would also impact other natural and cultural resources, including the nationally designated Wild and Scenic Little Miami River valley, a freshwater aquifer, and Native American archaeological sites.