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In November 2008, the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and Louisiana State University announced the selection of the Mid-City neighborhood for the site of their new hospitals. The new hospitals would needlessly destroy the historic neighborhood around Charity Hospital, where residents have been rebuilding and restoring their community since Hurricane Katrina. The National Trust for Historic Preservation believes this decision was a serious error and urges LSU and the VA to explore the alternative sites that would restore needed health care facilities faster and at less cost, while preserving much more of the historic Mid-City neighborhood.

Update - April 5, 2010


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Last week, the National Trust lost a round in federal court when Judge Eldon Fallon denied our motion for summary judgment in our lawsuit against the VA and FEMA relating to the siting of two proposed hospitals that would be constructed in New Orleans’ historic Mid-City neighborhood. The ruling, issued on Tuesday, March 30, is a setback for our efforts to transform Charity Hospital into a state-of-the art medical facility, and save a historic neighborhood from the wrecking ball.

This map, which links to photos of 50 historic houses on the site of the proposed VA hospital, is a stirring reminder of what is at stake in this effort. These are just 50 homes—less than a third of the 165 historic homes under threat of demolition on the VA and LSU footprints—but they tell a powerful story of the grit and determination residents of this neighborhood have displayed in the years since Katrina. Nearly all of these homes were damaged by the storm, and after years of toil to bring them back and revitalize the neighborhood in which they sit, it is difficult to believe that city leaders continue to believe it is in the best interests of the city to knock them all down and toss them in a landfill. Unfortunately, this week’s legal decision was a step in the direction of that outcome.

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