Holy Cross Neighborhood Update

A HOME AGAIN! house on Lizardi Street in the neighborhood of Holy Cross.

After three years of diligent work—by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the Preservation Resource Center of New Orleans, the state historic preservation office, state, local and federal officials, and most importantly, the homeowners themselves--we believe that the historic Holy Cross neighborhood of New Orleans is finally turning the corner towards recovery and revitalization.

As the accompanying maps indicate, efforts to preserve homes in this unique section of the Lower 9th Ward are picking up steam. Of the approximately 1,200 homes in Holy Cross, over 125 of them have received some sort of assistance from a preservation organization. Whether in the form of direct assistance, grants, technical advice, or other guidance, the National Trust for Historic Preservation and its preservation partners have helped more than 10 percent of the homes in Holy Cross get back on their feet.

On the four square blocks that touch on the intersection of Dauphine Street and Lizardi Street, a primary area of concentration for the National Trust for Historic Preservation's Home Again! program, we've "touched" over 20 homes with grant, technical, and materials assistance.  Most homeowners in this immediate area have returned to their homes, bringing life and vibrancy back to a neighborhood that has been home to generations of musicians, cooks, and so many others who've contributed to New Orleans' unique spirit.

In houses that were blighted, city-owned, or where the owner chose not to return, the Preservation Resource Center is renovating the homes and putting them back on the market. The concentrated efforts are also having a catalytic effect-- encouraging individual homeowners, some of whom are only now getting access to Road Home funds, to renovate their homes along the Dauphine St. Corridor, and the Holy Cross neighborhood as a whole.

Clearly, there is still much work to be accomplished. But just as clearly, as anyone who walks down the street can immediately notice, the community is reemerging.

Maps of preservation and revitalization work in Holy Cross

Some projects are on both maps.  When you eliminate the duplication, combined efforts have touched over 125 homes in the Holy Cross area.

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All of the projects that the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Preservation Resource Center have worked on, separately and together. The total is nearly 70 homes.


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Projects that were funded by the state historic preservation office, with the federal funds that the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Lt. Governor Mitch Landrieu helped to secure.