HOME AGAIN! Success Stories

As the HOME AGAIN! program comes to a close, it has invested over one million dollars into 25 HOME AGAIN! projects, 17 of which are in Holy Cross. These 25 projects resulted in a total investment of over four million dollars.  In addition, between HOME AGAIN!, Operation Comeback, Rebuilding Together, and the State Historic Preservation Office's Historic Building Recovery Grant Program (a grant program lobbied for nationally by the Trust and the Lt. Governor's office that brought over 20 million dollars to Louisiana) 165 historic homes in Holy Cross have received rebuilding assistance. This represents over 16% of the homes in Holy Cross occupied and currently receiving mail. These preservation dollars were some of the first dollars to begin the rebuilding process in Holy Cross and were decisive in creating the conditions that now has the Holy Cross neighborhood recovery on a par with, or ahead of, other hard hit neighborhoods in the city, despite the eight month delay in access and other unique hardships that it had to endure.

View our slideshow of some of the HOME AGAIN! rehabilitation projects.

Click here to read the October 2008 update on on our work in the Holy Cross neighborhood.