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Remains of the Bay
Once the glory of the Chesapeake, the skipjack is the victim of changing times and the demise of the oyster.
By John Lang 

That Fabulous Concourse
On the 25th anniversary of its salvation, Grand Central Terminal stands tallest.
By Jerold S. Kayden

The African Meeting House
A modest Nantucket building embodies the long black presence on the island.
By James Conaway 

What more apt offering from L.A., the movie capital, than the fanciful, daffy dwellings of the Storybook style?
By Dennis Drabelle 


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A private club of Princeton University students tries to use its historic building for tax exemption · Transitions · Caution: Climate change can be hazardous to your historic building · Yikes! in Manhattan · Bush's tax plan might undermine major investments in preservation · Who's News

Santa Fe's style police are no match for its eclectic appeal. 
By Hampton Sides

The Short Answer 
Stewart Brand says people learn by appreciating, and saving, old buildings. 

Your Trust 
Information for members and friends of the National Trust
Legal Defense Fund upholds preservation law · Montpelier opens constitutional study center · Preservation Development Initiative aids local planning · Lincoln house funded · Governors Island transferred · Arnold Berke's nthp

If you know where to look, landmarks in Weston, Mo., divulge a shameful prelude to the Civil War. 
By Jeffrey L. Pasley

Jefferson country spreads far and wide, dotted with buildings he designed and those he shaped or inspired. 
By Delos D Hughes; short review by Arnold Berke

Back Page 
Washington's newest museum invites you into the real city. 
By Dwight Young