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What Should We Do With 2 Columbus Circle? 
Four views on whether a much-reviled Manhattan building should be saved
By Phillip Lopate, Robert A.M. Stern, Theodore H.M. Prudon, and Witold Rybczynski

Beautiful Minds
Will St. Elizabeths, the most enlightened mental hospital of its time, finally recover?
By Brad Edmondson

Down Home
Converted Cold War missile sites combine brilliant adaptive use with survivalist chic.
By Christina Le Beau


Controversy over guest cabins at a famed Lake Tahoe resort • When a state university opts for demolition, there's little local groups can do • Yikes! in Philadelphia • Freedom Fly • Transitions • Who's News

A man's refuge offers his grandson something different.
By Michael Byers

The Short Answer
Living in Buffalo, her hometown, and helping save its landmarks inspire singer and songwriter Ani DiFranco.

New Hampshire's storied Fitzwilliam Inn is welcoming guests again after a needed—if controversial—restoration.
By Natalie Angier

Rooted in the arts and crafts movement, a century's worth of American building
By Stanley Abercrombie

House Rules
The Patterson family of Monterey County, Calif., treasures its rammed-earth adobe farmhouse.
By Dave Weinstein

Back Page
Even if the abode be foreboding, home is where the heart is.
By Dwight Young

Your Trust 
National Preservation Awards bestowed • President's Note • Profile: Mary Jane Garcia of New MexicoArnold Berke's NTHP