July/August 2005 Table of Contents

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An American Beach
In northeastern Florida, a former opera singer keeps a unique community intact.
By Alan Huffman

Holding Their Ground
As development devours land from Virginia's Piedmont to Gettysburg, a new coalition rises in opposition.
By Marc Leepson

Taking the High Line
Nature and industry converge on an abandoned Manhattan railroad.
By Phillip Lopate

Manifest Destination
Can Napa Valley's cultural landscape survive?
By James Conaway


Rebirth of a Cleveland courthouse · America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places 2005 · Who's News · Yikes! in Philadelphia · African American burial grounds · Transitions · Who's News · Yikes! in Napa, Calif.

Place: Has Capitol Hill, barricaded and fenced-off, lost its small-town appeal?
By W. Ralph Eubanks

The Short Answer: Growing up near—and singing about—Civil War battlefields, country star Darryl Worley aids in their defense.

Traveler: The annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival reigns in western Washington, but for how much longer will the flowers grow?
By David Laskin

Books: As one new book predicts the decline of cities, another describes their revival.
By Alex Marshall

House Rules: In the foothills of North Carolina, an unusual early-19th-century house regains its vivid colors.
By Deborah Huso

Back Page: Is the proliferation of visitors centers making us miss the point?
By Dwight Young

Your Trust
Information for members and friends of the National Trust
National conference to be held in Portland, Ore. · President's Note · Design in America furniture line debuts · Trust library grows and diversifies · Arnold Berke's NTHP