J. Allen Smith House

Credit: Knox Heritage, Inc.


LOST 1915 J. Allen Smith House, Knoxville, Tenn.: built for founder of White Lily Flour Co., 8,000-square-foot Italian Renaissance revival manse razed in December by Cherokee Country Club to make way for members' parking lot and putting green after state supreme court ordered city to grant demolition permit

c. 1870 North Shore Spanish Baptist Church, Chicago: one of Ravenswood neighborhood's oldest structures, designed by Swedish-born architect Lawrence Gustav Hallberg, best known for his elaborate warehouses and factories, torn down as part of congregation's plans to construct new church on site

THREATENED 1730 Independence Square, Philadelphia: public park since colonial government first constructed municipal buildings there and site of the Declaration of Independence's first public reading; because of post-Sept. 11 security concerns, National Park Service may divide square with eight-foot fence and build restroom at center

SAVED c. 1890 Chickamauga Battlefield monuments, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.: along Civil War site's 1.1-mile loop, vandals spray-painted vulgarities and hate symbols over statues, tablets, and road signs, all but one dedicated to Union soldiers and events; majority of paint removed and cast-iron markers repainted, but some writing still visible in porous limestone

RESTORED c. 1865 Catt House, Charles City, Iowa: brick Victorian childhood residence of Carrie Lane Chapman Catt, founder of the League of Women Voters and Susan B. Anthony's hand-picked successor in the American women's suffrage movement, now houses National 19th Amendment Society; installation of exhibit spaces by year's end will complete 13-year, $244,000 project

1947 Macy's department store, Pasadena, Calif.: among first department stores built off Main Street to cater to shoppers driving automobiles; returned in November to reflect architect Welton Becket's late art moderne design with transparent front windows and original colors, final stage of six-year effort to scale down store and contain proposed development surrounding it