Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone NP

Credit: NPS

HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1904 Old Faithful Inn, Yellowstone National Park, Wyo.: after 100 years of snowstorms and earthquakes, presidents and movie stars, 327-room hotel designed by Robert Reamer receives $20 million off-season renovation, to be completed next spring

LOST 1859 John Kettering Mansion, Lemont, Ill.: Greek revival house, named for local quarry owner, destroyed by fire in February amid controversy over development of surrounding 132 acres

c. 1840 Marlboro Inn, Montclair, N.J.: 29-room Tudor-style hostelry frequented by Bette Davis, Arnold Palmer, and the crown prince of Liechtenstein demolished in January for 10-house subdivision

Hohokam archaeological sites, Pinal County, Ariz.: developer bulldozes 270-acre desert tract, disturbing 1,200-year-old artifacts, knocking down saguaros, filling in streams, and destroying natural drainage

THREATENED 1959 Nike Site Summit, Chugach Mountains, Alaska: 26-structure missile complex closed in 1979 as focus of Cold War defense shifted to long-range missiles; military leaders now considering demolition

1902 Sawtooth Building, Claremont, N.H.: two-story brick structure with distinctive jagged roof, designed by Hira R. Beckwith as machine shop, now vacant and city-owned, rumored to become parking lot

SAVED 1942 Fire Control Tower No. 23, Cape May, N.J.: the state's last remnant of World War II coastal defense system will be restored via $600,000 grant awarded in January

RESTORED 1899 Montvale Hotel, Spokane: after $3 million restoration, city's oldest hotel accepting lodgers again this winter after 31 years

1924 Tivoli Theater, Washington, D.C.: linchpin of Columbia Heights neighborhood redevelopment includes theater space, 178,000 square feet of offices, stores, restaurants, and condominiums; $40 million project finished in late spring