November/December 2005

November/December 2005 Cover


The Plaza Checks Out
Converting New York's most famous hotel marks the end of a storied past.
By Wayne Curtis

Up on the Farm
Some Nebraskans are bucking the grim corporate reaper.
By Gillian Klucas

Ennis, Anyone? 
The fate of a crumbling Frank Lloyd Wright house in Los Angeles finally gains attention.
By David Boul

Throw Out the Architrash
America is in thrall to cutting edgistas.
Essay by James Howard Kunstler


Katrina in Mississippi · Hohokam sites in ruins · Saving the La Concha Motel lobby · Mount Rushmore · Yikes! in Chicago · Who's News · Transitions

In disaster a fine old city takes on new meaning.
By James Conaway

The Short Answer  
Former Secretary of the Interior Bruce Babbitt on taming the growth of cities and saving the landscapes around them

See Rock City?as well as the barn signs urging you on to the Great Smokies attraction.
By Suzanne Freeman

Desert Christ Park in California's Mojave Desert is coming back to life.
By Holly Metz

House Rules
When a life-saving station in Maine found itself in peril, a Connecticut family saved it.
By Wendy Mitman Clarke

The highs and lows of the wrecking trade
By Amanda Kolson Hurley; short review by Tricia Vita

The Back Page
Restoration can mean loss as well as gain.
By Dwight Young

Your Trust
Information for members and friends of the National Trust
National Preservation Awards given · President's Note · Transportation law's Section 4(f) saved · Arnold Berke's NTHP