LOST 1890 American Manufacturing Co. warehouses, Brooklyn, N.Y.: 15 structures built by 19th-century rope manufacturer—most recently used by party- and concertgoers, homeless people, skateboarders, and artists—destroyed this May during city's largest blaze in 11 years

1925 William Penn Hotel, Houston: February demolition of 10-story, Joseph Finger-designed structure built during oil boom caught preservationists off-guard, because owner had reputation for restorations

c. 1950 Lewers Street commercial district, Honolulu: 500-foot stretch of city's Waikiki section—characterized by frenetic pedestrian activity and souvenir stands, as well as open-air shops, hotel lobbies, and restaurants—saw most buildings gutted and modernized, and street life snuffed out

THREATENED  1864 First Presbyterian Church, Carson City, Nev.: Mark Twain charged admission to "roast" Nevada politicians and donated proceeds to help build brick church; congregation wants to demolish structure, saying it can build anew for less than half of estimated $5 million rehab costs

COMSAT Laboratories Building

Credit: NTHP

1969 COMSAT Laboratories Building, Montgomery County, Md.: clean lines, sleek aluminum sheathing, and glass curtain walls of Cesar Pelli's immense modernist design on 204 acres—where more than 100 telecommunications patents were developed—may be drastically altered or razed altogether for residential development and new offices

1749 Jimmy's Haunt, Morristown, N.J.: because of financial woes, current owner may lease property to bank that wants to demolish longtime inn and restaurant—where Alexander Hamilton proposed to Elizabeth Schuyler—and build new branch

SAVED 1837 Battle of Lake Okeechobee site, Tallahassee, Fla.: Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and state cabinet agreed in April to spend $3.2 million for 145 acres between commercial area and residential subdivision, where Indians and escaped slaves fought U.S. Army in Second Seminole War's bloodiest battle

RESTORED 1931 Fire Alarm Building, Tulsa: after restoration, tailored to showcase best construction practices for indoor air quality, American Lung Association of Oklahoma relocated in April to art deco structure designed by architect Frederick Vance Kershner

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