Polaroid House, Cambridge, Mass.

Credit: Cambridge Historical Commission

LOST1810 Polaroid House, Cambridge, Mass.: while under renovation last December, 8,500-square-foot mansion, home of camera inventor Edwin Land from 1940s to 1991, and among first constructed there after Revolution, burned to the ground

c. 1870 International Order of Odd Fellows Hall, Attica, Ind.: rated "outstanding" in county's historical structure survey, the Italianate, three-story meeting space demolished last fall after roof and top floor collapsed

THREATENED 1882 Central Park, Winter Park, Fla.: rapid construction of condos, parking garages, and retail space could compromise tranquil centerpiece of historic Orlando suburb

Pilgrim Baptist Church, Chicago

Credit: Bob Thall/City of Chicago

1890-1891 Pilgrim Baptist Church, Chicago

: Reform synagogue designed by Dankmar Adler and Louis Sullivan in city's Bronzeville neighborhood, and later used by black Christians who migrated from Deep South and popularized gospel music; devastated by December fire and now awaiting either demolition or reconstruction

SAVED c. 1700 Battery Park wall, New York City: while burrowing new subway tunnel at southern tip of Manhattan, excavators happened upon 45-foot section of stone-and-mortar wall probably dating to pre-Revolution settlements; slated for preservation aboveground nearby

RESTORED c. 1730 Benjamin Franklin House, London, England: four-story brick apartment house just off Trafalgar Square occupied by founding father for almost two decades before Revolution; reopened in January after $5.3 million restoration

1924 Hewlett Packard garage, Palo Alto, Calif.: site where company founders Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard developed their first product in 1938, plus adjacent shingle-style house and shed, renovated this winter