May/June 2006 Table of Contents


May/June 2006 Cover


Magnificent Possession
Who's to protect what's left of the West?
By James Conaway

The Battles of Blair Mountain
One determined West Virginian keeps alive the memory of an epic miners' struggle.
By Christopher Swope

Embracing the Brute
A much-reviled architectural style has its admirers.
By Anne Matthews

Lords of the Rings 
Basic science sheds new light on this old house.
By Wayne Curtis


Controversy over wind farms • Restoration at the Met • Yikes! in New York City • Who's News • Transitions • Demolishing a historic mill for a big-box store?

Wine is about a whole lot more than grapes.
By Brian Doyle


The Short Answer
Broadway costume designer William Ivey Long pursues preservation from North Carolina to New England.
Interview by Salvatore Deluca


Touring a Gothic prison where Al Capone once slept
By Eric Wills


House Rules
Shoring up an adobe classic in the aftermath of an earthquake
By Christopher Hall


Taking a different look at urban sprawl—and American lawns
By Martin Zimmerman


The Back Page
At 100, the Antiquities Act has proven its worth.
By Dwight Young

Your Trust
Information for members and friends of the National Trust
Dozen Distinctive Destinations for 2006 named • President's Note • Trust marks anniversaries of preservation legislation • Wilson House celebrates Wilson 150 • Arnold Berke's Trust Me