November/December 2006 Table of Contents

November/December 2006


On Hold
What to do with the Smithsonian's shuttered Arts and Industries Building
By Eric Wills

Manitoga Modern
From his woodsy New York retreat, designer Russel Wright helped change the American home.
By Jane Roy Brown

New Orleans 1867
How an early photographer portrayed a shaken city
By Gary Van Zante

Promised Lands
What do we lose when the promotion of places tampers with reality?
By Christina Le Beau


Development encroaches on U.S. national parks • Who's News • Recent excavations rewrite the history of Jamestown • Transitions • Yikes! in Seattle • Saving the home of an eccentric Wisconsin folk artist

Trying to understand the Jeffersonian enigma from atop a nearby mountain
By Suzanne Freeman

Can architecture make you happy? Looking at the link between what we build and how we feel
By Amanda Kolson Hurley

House Rules
A scholar's house in Gettysburg, Pa., resonates with history.
By Deborah Huso

The Back Page
Recalling David Finley, an arts leader
By Dwight Young

Your Trust
Information for members and friends of the National Trust
National Preservation Awards given • President's Note • Congress reforms easement deductions • Arnold Berke's NTHP

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