November/December 2007 Table of Contents

Nov/Dec 2007


Village Voices
With its spontaneous and informal style, Historic Eastfield may be preservation's ultimate summer camp.
By Jean Dunbar

At Home with the King
The former housing project where Elvis once lived can now be rented by the night. Just beware of the lipstick.
By Wayne Curtis

If Walls Could Talk
How did this old place sound? Reviving the aural record is a rewarding way to interpret the past.
By Anne Matthews

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Taking Care of the Neighborhood
By reviving landmarks in Fort Worth, oil-company chief Bob Simpson builds a future for his company and the center of town.
By Angela Shah


Harvard's 50-year plan to move into a nearby neighborhood • Will Arlington Cemetery's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier be replaced? • Transitions • Who's News • Saving a Virginia mill • Yikes! in Stroudsburg, Pa.

Remembering the beauties and joys of life at a Rhode Island boarding school
By Alix Ohlin

Expat American writer J.P. Donleavy, his sprawling Irish estate, and the cult classic that made him famous
By James Conaway

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Architectural experiments at Chicago's 1933 World's Fair tested the parameters of a new movement.
By Eric Wills

The Back Page
Unsung but imposing, customhouses are among the best of federal buildings.
By Dwight Young

Your Trust
Information for members and friends of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Annual National Preservation Awards are bestowed

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