Riverview High School

Icons at Risk

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Paul Rudolph designed Riverview High School in Sarasota, Fla., but the school board wants to tear it down.

Credit: Tim Ross

UPDATE: Demolition of Paul Rudolph's Riverview High School began in June 2009.

Riverview High School

Location: Sarasota, Fla.

Architect: Paul Rudolph

Year: 1958

Last year was an unfortunate one for Paul Rudolph's work. Many of his significant houses were demolished, and his Blue Cross/Blue Shield Building in Boston is threatened. His Riverview High School is also endangered, with the Sarasota County School Board arguing that the structure is out-of-date and must be demolished to make room for a student parking lot. The threat to the refined glass-and-steel buildings, designed in the International Style for which Rudolph was famed, has occasioned strong public outcry both locally and around the world. In response, the school board has agreed to consider an alternative plan by architect Denise Lewis that would address the school's parking needs and preserve Rudolph's design. But if budgetary problems arise, Riverview High School could yet be demolished.

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