Louis Kahn House To Be Auctioned

A 1961 Philadelphia house designed by modernist architect Louis Kahn will be auctioned next month.

Named for Margaret Esherick, who commissioned Kahn in 1959, the one-bedroom modern house is priced at $2 million, twice the value of comparable houses in the Chestnut Hills area.

The 2,500-square-foot concrete-and-wood Esherick House, located on a half-acre, won a Landmark Building Award from the American Institute of Architects' Philadelphia chapter in 1992.

Kahn was the subject of his son Nathaniel's 2003 documentary, My Architect. Nathaniel Kahn said of the Esherick House: "It's the perfect house for a creative person. If I lived there—and I wish I did—I'd have my Mac, a few books and a coffee maker. Sun falling in a high room, treetops through the window, a fire in a great hearth; what else do you need?"

The Chicago-based Wright auction house has scheduled the sale of the Esherick House for May 18, five days after Sotheby's New York auction of the Kaufmann House, Richard Neutra's 1946 Palm Springs icon.


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Submitted by demen babe at: April 20, 2009
im only 11 but all his houses are all boxed desighned