Historic Fort Baker, California

From Fort to Eco-Lodge


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Submitted by CarmenArn at: March 23, 2011
I was in the Army at Ft. Baker - HQ 6th Rgn Air Defense Command - from Apr 1959 thry 1960 - Signal Corp in the basement of HQ Bldg. Sgt Albonico, Col. Staley, Gen. Blumenfeld, Sgt Stark - anyone else out there who was?

Submitted by docmanchu at: March 7, 2010
My family lived at Fort Baker which was at the time under the designation of AARADCOM 1958-1960 in the first opening of the Wherry/Capehart post housing, while my father was stationed there. Prior to there I'd lived at Fort Barry. Had a great time while there with the rolling hills, jack rabbits, and fishing at Horseshoe Cove. My dad had transferred to Wurzburg, Germany April 1960, and the family went over April 1961. We returned to the states April 1964 enrouted to Fort Ord. My father attempted to get orders changed to Presidio or Fort Baker without success. However, on our visit to the old stomping grounds as it were, we were shocked at how the Army had let the housing units that began opening for occupancy in September 1958 had deteriorated to such a poor condition in 6 years. I realized that the housing only cost about $13,000.00 to build in that era, but the Army could've provided better for it's troops and families.....

Submitted by black river at: March 11, 2009
I was stationed in the Army at Fort Baker in 1953. The outfit was the 740th AAA gun battalion. We had a radar set and four 90 millimeter guns guarding the coast. I was chief radio operator. Was discharged on June 16, 1953.

Submitted by beauwaldo at: March 5, 2009
At age 6, I came here with my mother stepfather (Lt. Andy Weddell), and sister in 1933-1934. We watched the construction of the north tower of the bridge! A brief visit about 1989 included a brief vsit to the right duplex of the lower end of the Officer's row, where we had lived. Thenearby hhils were our playground, and jack rabbits our companions. The present occupants, an active army physician stationed at the Presidio, invited us in, and I identified to the then residents what the little voice whistles inn the kitchen were that summoned servants to the various rooms where they might be needed. In my retirement, I doubt that I could afford the present charges to enjoy staying there. We shall see. I doubt that we would now, in my retirement, afford to rent a room there, but we sure want to visit it new transformation!

Submitted by Jules at: March 2, 2009
I just had the most amazing weekend with my girlfriends at Fort Baker. There is so much history here that it makes the whole experience that much better. Fort Baker is beyond beautiful with the building architecture nestled just behind the Golden Gate. The rooms are grand and very comfy beds, even the hideaway bed! The service at the lodge, spa, and dining room is exceptional. Everyone is professional, yet not snooty even at the spa. I highly recommend this retreat.