A Walk Along the High Line

Scenes from Manhattan's Long-Abandoned Railroad

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Submitted by tommyc at: November 2, 2009
The Highline is actually very user friendly. There are benches and chairs scattered throughout the entire distance. There is also an area with a sundeck containing wooden chaise lounges.

Submitted by walkeverywhere at: October 6, 2009
When I first read of this project years and years ago, I remembered walking in Paris through the similarly situated park near, I think, the Gare de Lyon. Both cities had the same idea, and each city treated the parks differently. Judging from the photographs here, the Paris park is a bit more formal but also more user-friendly with lots of benches and places to just sit. The High Line plantings appear to be very lush and untamed, unlike the tidiness of the Parisian plantings. I think that each is a good representation of its cultural surroundings

Submitted by Jbb at: September 14, 2009
I'm with Joe, couldn't see the pictures. Do you know why?

Submitted by bulah 2 at: September 1, 2009
just love the pictures. Will forward the article to rail fans. Am looking forward to reading the copy.... looks great...

Submitted by Joe at: August 31, 2009
I wanted to see some more pictures of the High Line. All I got was an empty box with a small "x" in the upper left corner. Do I need some special program to get the picture?