Editor's Note

Plus ça Change…


Credit: Krista Walton

Is it just me, or does the world seem to be spinning a bit faster this year? I'd swear that the coneflowers in front of our house bloomed earlier than ever in June. And my birthday—an alarmingly, um, "significant" one—showed up far sooner than I expected. Plus my niece, Caroline, whom I perpetually imagine as seven years old, had the nerve to graduate from high school. How the heck did that happen?

It's not that I'm resistant to the new or the different. Despite the name of this magazine, all of us at Preservation appreciate change. Just look at the issue you're holding in your hands. It's filled with stories that celebrate change, from the transformation of a notorious Boston jail, to the founding of a dynamic college that teaches long-lost preservation crafts, to the restoration of a little-known Modernist treasure in Los Angeles.

You may notice still more changes as you leaf through this issue. Take a glance at our nameplate on the front cover. Art Director Jessie Despard made it clearer and easier to read without obscuring the cover image or resorting to tricks or gimmicks. (This nameplate requires no batteries or holographs!) Inside, we've also introduced a new section called People Saving Places to feature stories from across the preservation spectrum—stories about the National Trust for Historic Preservation and other organizations and individuals making a real difference in communities from New York to Hawaii. Yes, the world of preservation is changing too, and you can read all about it right here.

This issue also includes our new Home Front section, where we'll always chronicle one family's restoration story. We've already compiled a terrific lineup of restoration dramas for future issues, and we'll complement each one with a sidebar about the products and services homeowners discovered while completing their projects. We hope they'll help you in your own restoration efforts.

Spend a bit of time with this issue, and let me know what you think of the surprises inside. There's one thing here that has't changed at all: I'll still look forward to hearing from you.

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