Restoration Notebook

How my restoration of a classic Modernist house in L.A. turned into a decade-long love affair

Living with Neutra

During his 15 years in the Bonnet House, David Hay:  

  • Repainted and restored the exterior redwood siding and stucco.
  • Removed concrete from the driveway to restore the contours of the garden.
  • Installed new cabinetry in the bathroom, matching the original; restored the rusted steel-framed window that ran the length of the bathroom.
  • Removed paint from all mahogany paneling.
  • Reinstalled the c. 1944 closet doors and window treatments, including original wood venetian blinds.
  • Removed light fixtures and replaced them with originals.
  • Rewired much of the house.
  • Replaced all doorknobs.
  • Removed, sanded, repainted, and reinstalled the cabinetry in the kitchen.
  • Replaced contemporary countertops and flooring with period-appropriate linoleum.
  • Sanded all floors, removing a pickled white finish.
  • Repainted the interior using a palette favored by Neutra.
  • Restored the large interior chimney breast.

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