Lost: 1929 Hangar


Palwaukee Hangar One, Wheeling, Ill., was demolished in November 2009.

Credit: Illinois State Historic Preservation Agency

One of the oldest airplane hangars in the Chicago area was torn down last month, despite efforts to save it.

Palwaukee Hangar One, on the grounds of the Chicago Executive Airport, was deemed too small for modern aircraft. Airport officials plan to construct a new Art Deco-style structure nearby with hangar space, a restaurant, offices, and room for exhibitions about the history of the airport.

"We've lost a number of buildings in the Chicago area connected to early aviation," says Jim Peters, executive director of Landmarks Illinois, which placed Hangar One on its Watch List last year. "This truly was one of the last of the 1920s airline buildings in the state."

The hangar was originally constructed in 1919 and rebuilt a decade later after a fire. Vacant since July 2008, the two-story brick structure had been designated eligible for the National Register of Historic Places.

Last year airport officials met with staff from Landmarks Illinois and the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency, for a tour of the building. "When we were done, we realized that it was a very difficult reuse project," Peters says. (Airport Director Dennis Rouleau did not respond to Preservation's request for comment.)

Many older aviation-related buildings are disappearing, Peters says. "It's a vanishing type all across the country. It's a very tough thing to save."


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Submitted by Cynders at: January 16, 2010
Such a shame. Looks like the hanger would have made a great resturant, which it looks like the airport officials were planning to do anyway! Our aviation heritage is slowing disappearing. Such a lost.

Submitted by Jason at: January 12, 2010
It has nothing at all with our popular culture,... it has to do with people being dumbed down by the DROVES,... we allow it in every facet of our lives,.. mostly in the name of being politically correct or the like. When you have an educational system backed by politicians and officals, all of whom put little value on the history of our country, this type of thing will happen more and more,... watch and see it. Unless people start waking up to the fact that we need to get back to the basics that our great grandparents lived with in their daily lives,... their ideas and ideals,.. then we are doomed to loose ALL of our past for all kinds of various useless moronic reasons.

Submitted by Jason at: January 12, 2010
The idiots!!!! Let's tear it down instead of building "onto" it,... and while we're at it,.. let's build a hanger that looks just like the one we TORE DOWN,... just to build a bigger one of cheper materials that we have available today! To many morons with money these days!

Submitted by Brian at: December 22, 2009
If our popular culture was "different" it may not be so difficult to reuse a building like this.