S.S. United States For Sale

The S.S. United States' bridge, radar mast, and funnel illuminated by lighting artist Robert Wogan for the film.

Credit: Photo by Big Ship Films

The S.S. United States is for sale, and that has fans of the record-breaking ship, long fearful that she could be scrapped, cautiously optimistic about her future. Norwegian Cruise Line, which bought the liner in 2003, wanted to return her to service but found it economically unfeasible to add the ship to its fleet. Now the company's long-term shareholder, Apollo Management/Star Cruises, has listed the ocean liner with a broker who will focus on selling her to a U.S. buyer.

"The worst case scenario is that she's torn apart on the beaches of India," says Susan Gibbs, president of the S.S. United States Conservancy, a nonprofit dedicated to saving the ship. Gibbs hopes potential buyers will want to adapt her as a hotel, restaurant, or museum. "She needs to endure as a vibrant symbol of postwar America, the triumphal spirit of that age."

Once the flagship of the merchant marine fleet, the liner, with her distinctive red-white-and-blue funnels, set two speed records during her maiden voyage in 1952. One still stands: She took just three days, 12 hours, and 12 minutes to travel from Bishop Rock off the English Coast to Ambrose Lightship in New York harbor. She was taken out of service in 1969.

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Submitted by sflorides at: July 14, 2010
I came over with my family to the States on this great ship. I was just 12 years old. It would be amazing to go back on the SS United States after 45 years. It took us almost 7 days to get from England to New York. It was in Nov. and we ran into some bad storms. The boat was really moving up and down for most of the trip. I was doing ok until the 4th day, when I got really sea sick.

Submitted by Rambo at: March 30, 2010
Pretty sad that we have all kinds of money in this country , for all types of projects. Our national symbol - sits rusting away. time to take the flag down,,,,,,,,

Submitted by Mighty Minx at: March 18, 2010
Bigger than the Titanic, faster than any other trans-Atlantic ship, designed in Philadelphia by a Philadelphian. It is now rusting away in the Delaware. Can't we find a repurposing for this magnificent ship?

Submitted by Vince Towles at: January 5, 2010
The United States and the Queen Mary should be towed to Manhattan with refurbished births to be made into hotels and entertainment venues. Manhattan has always been associated with ocean liners and many of the original births still exist there. The piers are in ruins and dot the shore line there. New York is always looking for more useable waterfront space. Some of the old piers have been converted into tennis courts and people thought that was a good use of space. Reistate some of this unused warfage with some historic liners and promote the heck out of it! Where is Donald Trump when you need him? He considers himself "Mr.New York"; so bring back some of the islands history! This I guarantee will make money for New York!

Submitted by Mairzy at: December 14, 2009
How much is the ship?

Submitted by Jamie Pickering at: December 14, 2009
Save the SS United States and do not scrap her. If you do, then you will be sorry

Submitted by Larry in Montebello at: December 3, 2009
The preservation society for the BIG U should look into securing legislation for having her declaired a national landmark. At least she would be saved from the scrappers. The UNITED STATES is my all time favorite ship and I would love to see her restored and sail out here to the West coast under her own power. I would gladly pay whatever the cost to ride on her and I know there's thousands of people who feel the same. Her restoration would spark national pride like you wouldn't believe.

Submitted by billy at: December 3, 2009
we need too keep this wonderful ship its one of my faveorites she should be around for others too see for years too come. they dont build them like this any more, this is my 2nd all time faveorite ship the olympic being 1# and we all know what happend too her in 1935 we dont want that for the scrap yard we need it alive and well the ss united states long live this wonderful ship keep it for always

Submitted by stephen the navigator at: November 22, 2009
Preservationists and preservation societies of all of America should put this ship back into commission along with the assistance of a cruise line based in the us. I will tell you that there is a market for international Americans living abroad that would pay the fare to travel to Europe in 3 days. Leave Friday NY and arrive England Monday Morning, then fly off to wherever you are going. That is a vacation on a business trip! I would do it in a second traveling to Istanbul from NY is more than i can handle. There is a market for this and the cruise companies should see it, just look at the QE2 and the new Victoria.

Submitted by clazbill at: November 21, 2009
Yesterday a friend and I had the privilege of driving to Philadelphia from the Jersey shore on a bright and beautiful day to find IKA so that we could enjoy a lunch in the cafeteria and gaze out of the windows to see the fine lady! What a joy it was just to think of what a significant contribution the US United States made to our national maritine services and that she is still available in an easily accessible place for all to see andenjoy. Keep alive the hope that someday she will proudly be able to plow the Atlaantic once again

Submitted by Duff at: November 18, 2009
how much is the price tag for the ship? How much will it cost to return her to running order? How much will the running cost be for five years? What ports would she visit? Need this first! How many jobs would it provide and in pact to the city? These are the one thing that no one has stated. She is a part of the history of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. See if the ship building unions can help save this ship, giving there on time and skills to rebuild her and in doing so show what AMERICAN WORKERS CAN DO. Let this ship be the flag ship of america and the rebirth of our nation. Have the city purchase it and have the people come out and help work on her. Also need to get on national tv and ask all america to send in donations to help too."" If you do this: they will come; they will send the money and the nation will want to see her sail again and come to ride her too. They will want to see it on tv too when it happens. But to start with you must tell them the bottom line cost to get it started. Also who do you send money to for this project? Also who will profit from it when it is up and running? Big question! need to tell that too. Will the profits be used to help the people of the city or the nation ? Again the bottom line cost, money needed, bottom line. Also who owns the ship now?

Submitted by jack at: October 21, 2009
how much!

Submitted by Mr. Quill at: October 20, 2009
I would nlike to know how you can put up a vessel for sale that is not only grandfathered but also siting in its own dock.Please email me back at slpnzdwz@live.com and if it is up for sale were is it going and how fahr is this location.Comment to aug 5 (64)

Submitted by phillip at: October 8, 2009
how much of the price of the ship?

Submitted by Thankingyou1 at: September 29, 2009
Why doesn't the US government use the restoration of the SS United States as part of the Federal Relief program? The cost of restoring this ship to her former would be significant, but it would also put lots of people back to work in the shipyard industry. They would need hundreds of welders, steamfitters and other metal working specialists to rebuild her. The added jobs would be great for the economy and the rebuild of the SS United States would be great for US moral. Sure, it would cost a lot of money, and sure it would be a big undertaking, but in the end it would be worth it. You could even put the ship back in commision and sail the coastal waters of the US. That would help make back some of the cost of restoration. By the way, does anyone know what that dollar figure might be?

Submitted by Teddyeddi at: September 1, 2009
Vessels for clunkers, good taxpayer dollors given for a great cause, she is sitting in Phily awaiting her new owner, at a large dollar figure per day paid to the port athority

Submitted by pat dugan at: August 31, 2009
If we can bailout GM and Chrysler and all the other crooked insurance and real estate companies with OUR generous money from Washington then I think it is about time that we got something back in return. President Obama, for once in your life do something that all Americans can be proud of, step up to the plate and do what is neccessary to save an icon of the great American spirit. The SS United States says it all in its name alone. Make us proud.

Submitted by restoreher at: August 5, 2009
I saw the PBS special about this magnificent piece of US history! We can not let her be scrapped. How many people could we employ to restore her? How many could find employment once she is back in service? how about we all send messages to the White House about saving her? after all, what is $ once she is gone....she is gone.

Submitted by vince177 at: August 3, 2009
I would gladly donate $100.00 if asked on my tax return.. President of the United States, save her, ask our people for help, I am sure they will step up to the plate to save her.

Submitted by ebhubcaps1225@yahoo.com at: July 23, 2009
Why not take some money from the shuttle program and spend it here?! Fixing toilets on the space station? PLEASE!

Submitted by Paul Kalapodas at: July 20, 2009
Once the flagship of the merchant marine fleet, the liner, with her distinctive red-white-and-blue funnels, set two speed records during her maiden voyage in 1952. To scrap the United states would be be a travesty of monumental proportion.

Submitted by navig8r77@hotmail at: July 19, 2009
In support of the SS United States, She needs to endure as a vibrant symbol of postwar America

Submitted by Arcadia at: June 26, 2009
I'm not an expert on old ships, but as far as I can see this is the last ship from this era. To scrap the United states would be be a travesty of monumental proportion. In a perfect world she should float again, but if not should be preserved in dock. Having read comments about converting to provide modern style cruising, I am at a loss to know why? Surely the whole point point of traveling or even visiting an old ship would be to experience the grandeur of the period. Any way what do I know I'm just a romantic in awe of this monumental slice of history. Surely someone out there must know the value of this ship, rather than the cost! Good luck to all those fighting to preserve her fate.

Submitted by Lorraine J Stoltz at: June 11, 2009
I will be first in the line to get in the SS US whatever she will become. I want to feel the memory again of my grandfather, Elmer Stoltz who was a Repairing foreman on the ship. One day in the summer of 1965 my grandfather brought my family to see the ship at the pier in NYC, I was 10 years old. Then I thought I will never see her again but I happened drove up I95 to visit my grandmother (Elmer's Wife) and I immediately noticed the ship and knew it is her no matter how she looks. I know she looks bad. I quickly got off and drove to the pier and took picture of her and I felt my goose bumps. I know she will be so beautiful after she gets her restoration.

Submitted by First Mate Andy at: June 4, 2009
If ever you need someone to work for peanuts as a tour guide when the ship is restored to her former magificence, I want to be first in line. I used to dock on the Queen of Bermuda at Pier 95,, and saw the SS United States every week. Such amazing memories!

Submitted by Bruce Y at: June 3, 2009
Every weekday when I drive down I-95 to work, I say "Just passed the BIG-U" to my wife as I look upon the SS US. I wish somehow it will be seaworthy again and you will see us aboard.

Submitted by Duncan at: June 3, 2009
Hooray for Nat'l Crust for helping get the word out on SS US. Please God, someone cool buy here and preserve her. Aren't there any rich billionaires who have a luxury liner fetish out there? Isn't Michael Dell into mega yacht's?

Submitted by djberson at: June 3, 2009
I will be first in line for a ticket to travel on her, and like Clay said will patronize any venture or incarnation the ship ends up as. This is one of the most... if not THE most magnificent vessel ever built, and is certainly the most stunning still in existence.

Submitted by Chris J at: June 2, 2009
Mark Cuban (Dallas Mavericks owner) should buy her and restore her...I'd buy tickets for her first voyage!

Submitted by Baron Ernie at: May 25, 2009
In 1956 aboard a US troop ship and on my way to Germany as a member of the Naval Security Group, an announcement was made over the PA system. The SS United States is approaching us on the starboard side and is about 15 miles astern at this time. By the time I grabbed my camera and made it up to the main deck, it was all I could do to aim the camera and get a couple of pictures since she had already caught up and was directly abeam and in minutes was already far ahead of our laboring 14 knots. What a beautiful sight it was and unfortunately I really wasn't even aware of what this Queen of the Seas was and the significance of her. Thanks to the current TV shows about her, I can fully appreciate what she was and sincerely hope that she is saved for some purpose since she is a valued chapter in American history.

Submitted by Clay at: May 22, 2009
If she is restored, I will pay to ride on, sleep in, eat at, or shop at whatever she is turned into.

Submitted by TaxiManSteve at: May 15, 2009
Maybe those investors in Nevada with designs on Long Beach's RMS Queen Mary ought to consider the S S United State instead?

Submitted by Scott at: May 14, 2009
This is too important to lose and short sighted if scrapped The SS United States really does meet the test of a one-of-a-kind ship. Think creatively how to find a viable use...

Submitted by Brian at: May 14, 2009
I can't even fathom the enormous costs of renovating such a ship, but in a perfect world it would be fun to restore that ship to its 1950's glory, with 1950's furniture and decor everywhere. That would be awesome to see.