Tiger Stadium Plan Takes Shape

Tiger Stadium has been empty since 1999.

Credit: Jim Poserina

Much of Tiger Stadium is gone, but a Detroit nonprofit has unveiled a $27 million plan to redevelop the remaining corner of the 1912 ballpark as a playing field, event facility, and offices.

On Monday the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy delivered a 65-page plan for the site to the Detroit Economic Growth Corp., meeting a Mar. 1 deadline imposed by the city. The corporation will decide on Mar. 15 to approve or reject the proposal.

"We've provided the information to the city to allow us to go forward," says Tom Linn, president of the Old Tiger Stadium Conservancy. "Most preservationists think this is a great thing to do … a lot of young people in Detroit think this is a great idea, too."

11 most markThe plan may get a boost from a $3.8 million federal earmark to redevelop the stadium site, sponsored by Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich. The earmark was part of the omnibus spending bill approved by the House of Representatives last week, and expected to pass the Senate this week.

The Conservancy wants to return Tiger's historic dugouts and locker rooms to their 1923 appearance. The group also envisions a banquet hall, sports bar, and sports memorabilia store.

Even with the federal earmark and potential tax credits, the project still needs about $5 million, says Kathy Wendler, president of the Southwest Detroit Business Association. "Considering that the total cost for construction is $27 million, being $5 million short is not bad," Wendler says.

The National Trust named Tiger Stadium to its list of America's 11 Most Endangered Historic Places in 1991 and 1992. For more information, visit



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Submitted by DAZ at: June 3, 2009
Let's SAVE Briggs Park (Tiger Stadium) “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade” Phase one: Corktown Detroit’s oldest neighborhood is the anchor for this . Working with a rich history and the existing urban fabric. Filling the voids to strengthen the cohesiveness of the neighborhood. Neglect and lack of infrastructure investment have led to blight surrounding the neighborhood. Some physical remains of the structure of Tiger Stadium should remain. Our experiences of the city are shaped by buildings which create memorable landmarks which guide us through a city and create memories of place. An actual Physical Landmark left from the stadium will be far stronger than a green plaque with gold lettering. This is about more than saving Tiger Stadium this is about creating a vision that will not be limited to one site but include the entire Corktown neighborhood and its relationship to the City of Detroit as a whole. In a down economy public works projects have often been a catalyst for jobs. Let’s invest in viable development in our urban core creating jobs now that can lead to jobs and development later. GREEN + CLEAN park initiative Roosevelt Park – Michigan Central Garden Project (train depot site) Briggs Park Development (Tiger Stadium site and west to Rosa Parks)- “Kaline Promenade” Rosa Parks Boulevard redevelopment and promenade to the riverfront – (for example- Washington Blvd., Detroit -Commonwealth Ave, Boston - Blackstone Blvd., Providence R.I.) Linking the city together through a bikeable/ walkable network of parks and paths leading to landmarks, cultural institutions, retail districts (either existing or envisioned), riverfront and neighborhoods. Detroit has a rich and deep history in sports and architecture. Let’s embrace and celebrate this, not try to erase it. Phase one would redevelop the Tiger Stadium site at Michigan Ave. and Trumbull into a multi-functional green park space with commerce that anchors an eventual network of green paths throughout the city. Cleaning and repairing the existing section of the stadium and replacing the grass, bases, home plate, and chalk lines. I will bring back the centerfield flag pole and both foul poles. I would like to turn the home plate area into a stage for concerts, plays, and movies. Baseball/softball leagues in summer and outdoor hockey in winter. Around the perimeter would be shops, restaurants, a museum for stadiums and Detroit sports. Art work, sculptures, and water features by local artists. The field has many potential uses that can be utilized. Tours for engineering/architecture schools (Lawrence Tech, U of D, U of M) - much of the structure is now exposed in a perfect wall section - that an engineer/architect would typically only see in a drawing. The concept is a retrofit version of Millennium Park in Chicago. To raise money, celebrity/athlete softball games with fans. A benefit concert to raise money for the stadium. I would like to get Detroit bands to play (Kid Rock, Eminem, Bob Segar, Howling Diablos, White Stripes, Alice Cooper, The Muggs, etc.), and local athletes and celebs to support the cause. For a project of this scale, an example of possible sponsors would be Major League Baseball, Little Caesars, Ford, Pepsi, Budweiser, Etc. Let’s keep this Landmark’s future on the table. If we must raze buildings, let’s start with abandoned homes and plant gardens in their place. I have a love for the city of Detroit that is indescribable in words. I can produce drawings to help visualize my concept upon request. Please let me know if there is anything I can do now or in the future. Onward, Darren Zebari and Associates 248-939-6470 zebarid@yahoo.com intellectual copyright 2009

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Submitted by JeffWildcat64 at: March 25, 2009
Tiger Stadium is History with going back to 1900 and needs to be refurbished the way it was back in 1923 during the Navin Field Days. This is a wonderful idea and needs to be paseed by Congress.

Submitted by Missy at: March 4, 2009
This is a great idea, since it is a big part of Detroits history.