Great Houses of the South

A New Book Offers an Inside View

Rizzoli has just published Great Houses of the South by Laurie Ossman,  the director of Woodlawn Plantation and Frank Lloyd Wright's Pope-Leighey House, a National Trust Historic Site in Mt. Vernon Virginia. The lavishly illustrated volume (with photographs by Steven Brooke), chronicles the histories of 39 American residences, from Drayton Hall in South Carolina (also a National Trust Historic Site) to Longue Vue in Louisiana, addressing them chronologically and focusing on both structures and homeowners.

"I believe that when we build a house, we are building a kind of autobiography," Ossman said in a recent interview with the editors of Preservation. "As an historian, the challenge and the fun is discovering not only why an individual or family chose to build a house in a particular way, but the underlying ideas and unintended messages their building reveals to us today. Ultimately, these houses not only hold up a mirror to the values of the original builders, but to every generation that continues to preserve and reinterpret them."

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Submitted by Martie at: May 18, 2010
Great Houses of the South is a picture book with excellent photographs by Miami-based architecture photographer, Steven Brooke. It's a beautiful, very well written and enjoyable book.