Get Out the Vote

Partners in Preservation goes to Seattle to work some restoration magic

Seattle, Washington


Several historic Seattle-area landmarks are about to be restored. Who gets to decide which projects will receive a portion of a $1 million pool? You do.

On April 15, voters began casting ballots for the sites that will receive restoration grants as part of Partners in Preservation, a collaboration between the National Trust for Historic Preservation and American Express. In each of the past four years, PiP has awarded up to $1 million to preservation projects in San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, and Boston—45 grants total. This year, the public gets to choose from among 25 treasures dear to Seattlites, including a historic schooner, the oldest standing federal post office in the state, and a 1962 Worlds’ Fair glass mural. The National Trust and American Express identified projects that have contributed to the Seattle area’s distinctive architectural character.

"The Puget Sound region has a rich diversity of places that speak to the breadth of the American experience in the Pacific Northwest," says David J. Brown, the National Trust’s executive vice president. "Through PiP, we’ll be able to spotlight many of these places and add another layer of support to the strong preservation work that the city and our state and local partners have undertaken for years."

The project with the most votes will receive between $50,000 and $125,000. Voting ends at midnight on May 12, and the winner will be announced online the following day. Several other nominees, to be announced on June 15, will receive part of the $1 million pie.

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