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More than 350,000 readers trust Preservation for the latest news, columns, and features on preserving America's historic places. Their special interests include historic properties, historic travel, preservation products and services, preservation advocacy, and education. Their average age is 61 years old; average household income is $184,000; and average household net worth is $1.6 million. Our readers graduate from college (83%) and hold post-graduate degrees (43%).

They participate in many civic activities, voting in Federal, state, or local elections (94%); actively working as volunteers in civic and political organizations (47%); writing to elected officials or editors of print media about matters of public business (59%); and engaging in fund raising (31%).

Preservation readers save and revitalize historic homes and communities. 92% own a residence with an average value of $489,100, and 35% own an additional residence, property or real estate investment with an average value of $679,000. In the last year, 64.4% spent an average of $19,200 on decorating, renovating, restoring or adding to any historic property. In the last two years, 45% engaged the services of professionals in the course of improving home(s), and 16% restored a historic property.

They travel to historic destinations frequently (92%). They take an average of 21 overnight trips a year within the continental U.S. (89%), spending an average of $6,485. They spend at least $3,000 or more a year on domestic travel (33.6%), and they read Preservation for planning trips to historic places (88%). —Monroe Mendelsohn Research, 2008

For more information about Preservation and our readers, request a media kit or call (800) 944-6847. 

Sales Representatives

Bob Purdy
Robert Purdy Associates
803 N Scott Street
Wheaton, IL 60187-4227
(630) 665-5315

Eric Lange
Lange Media Sales
1344 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02451
(781) 642-0400

Mid-Atlantic and NYC
Susan Seifert
Susan Seifert Associates, Inc.
213 Anvil Way
Baltimore, MD 21212
(410) 377-3007

Scott Rickles
Ray Rickles & Company
560 Jacaranda Court
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(770) 664-4567

Christine Tye
Bob J. Flahive Co.
1051 Broadway, Ste. D
Sonoma, CA 95476
(707) 935-2880

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Abigail Horrigan, (202) 588-6233

Historic Properties for Sale

Beth Siegel, (202) 588-6069

Frequencey and Closing Dates

Preservation is published four times a year. Artwork is due no later than five business days after the closing date. No reservations or cancellations will be accepted after the closing date. Reservation and cancellations must be confirmed in writing.

 2014 Issue  Closing Date  Materials Due
 Winter    (mails January 4, 2014)  October 21, 2013  October 28, 2013
 Spring     (mails March 24, 2013)  January 21, 2014  January 28, 2014
 Summer   (mails June 23, 2014)  April 21, 2014  April 28, 2014
 Fall           (mails Sept. 22, 2014)  July 21, 2014  July 28, 2014


Historic Hotels of America
For Historic Hotels of America members only, this banner advertising section reminds National Trust members that historic hotels offer the best of everything. Current Historic Hotels of America members include New York's Waldorf-Astoria, Washington's Hay-Adams and the famous Jekyll Island Club Hotel.

Historic Travel
Historic destinations, heritage tourism initiatives and historic travel services all enjoy the benefits of affordability and frequency in this 1/6th-page travel directory section. Tourism promotion agencies and destination marketing offices use the space to announce special events and activities in time-sensitive copy.

Showcase products and services used in preserving historic properties

Historic Properties
Historic properties for sale across the county.

2014 Special Sections

  • Winter - Historic Southeast / War of 1812 / Preservation Education
  • Spring - Spring Travel / Historic New York State
  • Summer - America's Historic Downtowns
  • Fall - Civil War Trails / Preservation Education

For more information about special sections, contact your local sales representative.

Value Added

Reader Services (Every Issue)

Spotlight on Advertisers, Preservation's reader services program, includes a free 10-word listing with a business reply card, a logo, and link to your website that generates inquiries from readers interested in more information about advertisers. Inquiries are delivered to advertisers via email for up to six months. 

Advertising Rates for 2014

Full page
2-Page Spread
Historic Travel
1/6 Page
1/3 Page
1/6 Page
1/12 Page
Cover II
Cover III

Historic Properties (prepayment required)
$395 per property - includes two months online.  Starting in 2014 - $425 per property includes four months online

General Information

Frequency discounts must be contracted in advance. Schedules not completed will be billed at the earned applicable rate. Discounts of 15% are available to recognized advertising agencies only. No agency discounts may be taken on production charges. No cash discounts are allowed. A 1.5% monthly fee will be applied to accounts that are 30 days past due. Advertisers submitting materials that do not meet our mechanical requirements will be billed at cost for in-house production work. Art materials will be returned only upon written request; otherwise they will be retained for one year and then discarded. For more information, call (800) 944-NTHP.

Advertising is subject to the publisher's approval. The magazine is not responsible for errors in type set by Preservation including response codes, or for omission of an advertisement. Positioning is not guaranteed unless confirmed in writing. Advertisers and agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements and assume responsibility for any claims arising therefrom made against the National Trust. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Preferred Format: PDFX1a is the accepted format with all fonts and art embedded. Line screen is 133.

Preparation: Color ads must be in CMYK (no RGB elements). Art must be at least 300 dpi. Black and white ads must be grayscale. Spreads must be submitted as two separate pages.

Proofs: We require contract proofs for all ads. Proofs must be sent to the mailing address to the left and must be representative of the digital file. A $75 fee will be incurred if a proof is not submitted.

Preservation is a member of the Alliance for Audited Media.  Rate bases are guaranteed to the six-month average published by theAlliance for Audited Media. Rate Base: 150,000.

2014 Preservation Magazine Rate Card (PDF)

2014 Preservation Magazine Advertising Deadlines (PDF)

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