Advertising Specifications

For more information about technical specifications, contact the Production Manager.

2015 AD SIZES / SPECS (In Inches)

  Width Height
Full page 7.25 9.5
Full page (bleed) 8.75 10.75
1/2 page horizontal 7.25 4.375
1/3 page square 4.75 4.375
1/3 page vertical 2.25 9
1/6 page vertical 2.25 4.375
1/6 page - Historic Travel 2.25 4
1/12 page
2.25 2
2-page spread Submit as two single pages  


Ship advertising materials to:
Advertising Production
Preservation magazine
2600 Virginia Avenue NW Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20037
(202) 588-6069


Preferred Format: High Resolution PDFx1a with all fonts and art embedded. Ads must be set up for 4/C process printing and saved out as a PDFx1a file. All images must be set to CMYK and at a high resolution
(300 dpi for CMYK and grayscale images and 600 DPI for line art). Images should be placed at 100% to ensure better reproduction. RGB files are not acceptable. Crop and trim marks must be offset by 1/8" so that they do not extend into bleed or live area. Spreads must be submitted as two separate pages.

Proofs: A high-end digital color proof is recommended to ensure critical color matching on 4/C ads. Any furnished color proof must meet SWOP standards for a color-managed and maintained calibrated proofing system and must be printed from the supplied file. The advertiser will assume all responsibility for any variances from SWOP and ensuring that all content is correct and in place.

Acceptance: Advertisers submitting materials that do not meet our mechanical requirements will not be accepted.