Online Exclusives

Looking for even more great places, stories, and interviews from Preservation? Check out these online-only extras from the Spring 2015 issue:

  • Katherine Flynn looks at a sensitive rehabilitation now under way at earthquake-damaged Trefethen, a National Register-listed building.
  • Lauren Walser shares the state of the 19th-century ghost town in Bodie, California, which is kept in a state of "arrested decay."
  • Jamesha Gibson shares three more train depots-turned-restaurants that hold a tasty ticket for your taste buds.
  • Atlantic Beach, or “The Black Pearl,” was a popular vacation spot for African-Americans during the era of segregation. Jamesha Gibson explains.
  • Meghan Drueding shares a video (also above), created by photographers Steve Gross and Susan Daley, for a glimpse into a converted firehouse residence in Montgomery, Alabama.
  • Geoff Montes takes us behind-the-scenes at the restoration of Congress' oldest office building.