Main Street Programs

The Main Street Approach® in Action!

Throughout the nation, communities are using the Main Street approach to revitalize and strengthen their traditional commercial districts, whether they have officially designated Main Street programs or simply incorporate Main Street into existing historic preservation, city management, or urban and community planning programs. Whatever form a preservation-based revitalization initiative takes, the national network of coordinating and local Main Street programs provides action and support on all levels.

The National Movement

The success of the Main Street movement during the past 30 years lies in its wide network on three levels:

All of these organizations work together to create preservation-based commercial district revitalization. They support each other and the movement, creating a system to share information and successes, network professionally, pursue training opportunities, and promote the Main Street approach to revitalize downtowns and neighborhood commercial districts.

Remarkably, while all of these organizations are completely separate entities, they work in partnership to achieve common goals. Because the responsibility for Main Street doesn't rest with one entity, the movement has grown strong over the years.

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