Official Designation

See also: Name Use Policy

Main Street programs are organized by coordinating entities at the statewide, citywide, and sometimes countywide level. Each coordinating program has an application process for entry into its system and manages the designation of Main Street programs within its jurisdiction. In areas without a statewide or citywide coordinating program, an organization may self-initiate a program, but may not use the Main Street name or imply they are a Main Street program without express written permission of the National Trust.

How to become designated

If your state, region, or city has a Main Street Coordinating Program:

Your first step is to contact the Main Street coordinating program for your jurisdiction and inquire about its process and application cycle. They usually have workshops or trainings on how to put together an application. Generally, the application must show that a Main Street program has support from the entire community, not just from an individual or small group of people. Also, take a look at our Getting Started section for ideas on how to jump start your effort.

To see if there is a Main Street coordinating program in your area, visit our coordinating programs listing.

If your state, region, or city does NOT have a Main Street coordinating program:

If there is no Coordinating program in your area, you can always self-initiate a program. Visit the Getting Started section for more advice and information on how to do this. However, please remember that you cannot use the name "Main Street" in your organization's name without expression written permission from the National Trust. Read about our Name Use Policy for more details.