Main Street Members Access Guide

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Your guide to accessing the new and managing your membership online

Welcome to the new home of - To access many of the membership features of the website, users must have a profile with a unique email address.

There are two types of user accounts that you will use with your membership.


Primary User Account

Linked User Accounts

This is the main user account for your organization’s membership, used by your organization’s manager, executive director, or main point of contact to administer the membership online.

It will be the only account that contains your membership number.
You need it to do the following:

  • Update your membership address used for renewal notices
  • Renew your membership
  • Share your benefits

Please note: If you are not part of an organization and have joined the Main Street Network as individual, this will be the only account you need.

These are individual user accounts for your staff, committee, and board members. This account type gives users access to members-only Main Street content, while keeping a single login for all their participation in the PreservationNation community.

Please note: these user accounts are not able to manage your membership.


Accessing your membership’s Primary User Account

The first step in getting online in the new site is determining whether your organization already has a Primary User Account. Most active Main Street memberships have an existing Primary User Account in PreservationNation.

If you received an email with your Primary User Account information:

You have everything you need to login and access your membership information. Login now
(received the email but can't find it?)


If you did not receive this email:

This likely means that you do not have an existing Primary User Account for your membership and will need to follow the instructions below to create it. However, please follow these steps to be sure:

  • Try to retrieve your user account using the online tools – If you know the email address listed with your membership, go to the login page and use the options there to retrieve your user name and password.
    • If you find a user account, login and go to the “My Account” page to see if this is your Primary User Account – find out how
    • If you find a different account that you would like to use as your Primary User Account, you can indicate that simply by adding your membership number to the record. You do this on your “My Account” page.

If you did not locate any user accounts, follow the instructions below for creating it now.

Important! Make sure to enter your membership number, as this is the step that tells us you intend this to be your primary account.

Creating your Primary User Account:

  • Click on "Register" in the page header – i.e. the upper right-hand corner of the page, just above the gray navigation bar.
  • Complete the online form and click “Register” - You will be asked to select a User Name and Password, as well as enter your email.
  • Your account has now been created and you should receive a welcome email. The header should now say: Hello, [Name] | My Account | Logout
    • If you receive an error message that the email address is already in use, this means that you already have a user account with that email (remember, each account must have a unique email!). Click on the “Login” link and enter it into the box labeled “Email me my User Name” (it’s at the bottom) – this will send you the user name for that account, which you can then use to login and update your information.
  • Select "My Account" and add your Main Street membership number to your profile (at the bottom of the page).
    • You can also complete or update the remaining contact information for your membership. Changes made here will update our mailing records.
    • Important Notes:
      • You must enter your membership number in order to mark this as your Primary User Account and get access to all your online benefits, including the link for “Sharing your Benefits”.
      • Only enter your membership number in your Primary User Account. Linked accounts for your board, committee, and staff do not need the membership number and need to receive the link to the ”Share Your Benefits” form.
  • Save your changes.
  • Depending on when you complete this action, it may take up to 24 hours for our system to update your information and provide you with access to our members-only content.


Sharing Your Membership Benefits

With your Main Street membership, you can share acess to our website with your board, committee, and other staff members - each will have their own username and password. This will allow them to login with their own information, set their own preferences, and personalize their experience on PreservationNation, all while still having access to the members-only Main Street content.

To get them started, you need to send your personalized link to the “Share Your Benefits” form. Here are instructions for how to do this:

  • Login to using the grey "Login" box in the sidebar.
  • Once logged in, click on this link
  • Copy-and-paste the complete "Share Your Benefits" link into an email. The link is found in a box on the right side of the page.
    • Quick Hint: If you click in the box, the link should be highlighted for you - you can then just press Ctrl-C to copy it to your clipboard!
  • Send the message to anyone you want to link with your membership, telling them simply to click on the link and complete the form they are taken to. This will prompt them through the process of creating a new, linked user account for themselves - or linking an existing one with your membership.

The link to this “Share Your Benefits” form is personalized to your membership so be sure to only share it with people that are part of your organization.
If you are a staff, committee, or board member and need to create your linked account, contact the point of contact (manager, executive director, etc.) for your membership and ask them for the “Share Your Benefits” link.


Frequently Asked Questions

Help! We don’t know how to access our Primary User Account. What do we do?
Contact us to determine if you have a current Primary User Account. If you do, we will be able to reset your information. If not, you can create on following the instructions above.

I’m a board or committee member and want to access the website.
Contact your Point of Contact and have them send you the “Share Your Benefits” link. This will let you create a personal user account that is linked to your organization’s membership.

I've logged in, but the site isn't showing me as logged in.
Try hitting the refresh button on your browser—usually once this is done, the page will show you as logged in. If this doesn't log you into the member's area, contact us and we'll help out.

I received the email with my Primary User Account information but can’t find it now.
If you remember the email it was sent to, go to the login page and use the tools there to have your user name and password resent to you. Otherwise, contact us and we can help get the information you need.

I'm having problems, how can I get help?
Contact us and we'll be happy to assist you.

What is my Main Street membership number and where can I find it?
Your National Main Street membership number is an eight digit number, with no letters. You can find it on your Renewal Statement or Membership Card. The membership number is also printed in the upper right hand corner of the mailing label on the latest issue of Preservation Magazine and Main Street News.