Great American Main Street Awards Archive

These American communities have earned Great American Main Street Awards for their successful preservation-based downtown revivals.

Read their stories and find out why they are Great American Main Streets.  

Great American Main Street Awards

  Program Evaluation Two Day SAMPLE - Iowa,

 "Caution: Men Working": A Hands-On Workshop on Rehabbing Historic Properties.,

 "Crisis at Fort Sumter" Website ,

 "Cultural Corridors: Discovering Jewish Heritage Along the Mississippi": A Cultural Tourism Booklet.,

 "Deep Dive" Workshop - Synergy of Main Street and Placemaking,

 "Fine Old Ladies of Bucks County" Educational Project,

 "Historic Preservation Capital Needs Survey", Produced by the New Jersey Historic Trust presents the Findings of a Statewide Assessment of Capital Needs and serves as a primer for legislators and policy makers on historic preservation.,

 "Live in a Landmark" Program,

 "Saving Yesterday for Tomorrow" Heritage Education Program ,

 "Steps in Time" Bring History Alive,

 "Tweed Courthouse Restoration: A New Approach to Life-Safety Management in a Landmark Public Building",

 "Where is Main Street?" Helping Visitors Find Their Way,

 $1.5 Million Restoration of the Hamilton County Memorial Building, a 1908 Beaux Arts Structure with a 600 Seat Lecture Hall,

 $10 Million Restoration and Renovation of the East St. Louis Courthouse,

 $40 Million Rehabilitation of the Mission Inn in Riverside, California,

 10 Criteria Survey,

 104 West Main,

 106 and 108 Broad Street ,

 109-119 Whitaker Street,

 1135 Gordon Avenue,

 12 Marketing Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day,

 12 Marketing Ideas for Administrative Professionals Day,

 1700 Block of Champa Street,

 17432 Clifton Boulevard ,

 1754 Beacon Street,

 1776 Productions,

 1855 St. Joseph County Courthouse Renovation ,

 1869 Susanna Dickinson-Hannig House ,

 1900 Euclid Avenue ,

 1915 Colquitt County Jail,

 2002 Spring Coordinator's Report,

 2006 Spring Coordinators Survey,

 2008 Architects Meeting agenda rer,

 2010 Annual Report, Old Town Lansing, Michigan,

 2010 Annual Report, Old Town Lansing, Michigan,

 2012 Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure,

 2012 Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure,

 2012 Closing Plenary Session,

 2012 Michigan Main Street Market Analysis RFP,

 2012 Opening Plenary Session,

 2012 Residential Survey-Pittsburgh, Pa.,

 2013 Annual Report - Downtown Jonesboro Association,

 2013 Michigan Main Street Branding Services RFP,

 2013 Michigan Main Street Volunteer Management RFP,

 2014 Michigan RFP - Communication Planning,

 2014 Michigan RFP - Fund Development Planning ,

 2014 Michigan RFP - Main Street Manager Retreat,

 2014 Michigan RFP - Strategic Planning ,

 2014 Spring Coordinators Meeting,

 2014 Strategic Plan Final,

 2015 CLG Scholarship Application,

 2015 Washington,

 2016 CLG Scholarship Application,

 210-14 West First Street,

 212 W. 13th Street,

 2220 Canton,

 2nd Street Public Market ,

 307 3rd Street,

 367 Addison Avenue,

 401 Fifth Avenue/Old Tiffany Building ,

 411 Franklin Street,

 424 Bellevue Avenue (Administrative Headquarters and Visitors Center of the Preservation Society of Newport County),

 424 South Broadway,

 50 Successful Retail and Business Promotions,

 501(c)3 application- Brookings, SD,

 501(c)3 application- Brookings, SD,

 501(c)3 Application- Gulfport, MS,

 501(c)3 Application- Gulfport, MS,

 527 North Market Street,

 563 North Broadway ,

 6 month review for a program manager,

 6309 West Clinton Avenue,

 7. St Mary’s Street,

 721 Government Street,

 8 Online Strategies to Help Grow Your Downtown,

 9805 South Boulevard ,

 A Bilingual Guide to the Historic Sites of Los Dos Laredos,

 A Campaign to Save and Renovate the High Gate Carriage House,

 A Cultural Mosaic: Chicago’s Neighborhood Tours,

 A Culturally-Sensitive Approach to Land Management: The Island of Kaho‘olawe Land Use Plan,

 A Ladder Out of Homelessness,

 A Neighbor Funded Main Street: A Crash Course in Crowdfunding and Community Development,

 A Neighborhood-Wide Revitalization Effort - Springfield Historic District,

 A New Growth Industry: Agritourism in Minnesota,

 A Pattern Book for Norfolk Neighborhoods,

 A Walking Guide to Keeseville`s Historic District,

 A.K. Smiley Public Library Tower Reconstruction,

 A.T. Lewis & Rio Grande Lofts,

 Abbie Greenleaf Library,

 Abernathy Lofts,

 Abiel Smith School Reopens,

 Abilene Fifth Graders Undertake Historical Marker Applications,

 Academy of the Arts,

 Academy Place Housing Project,

 Accreditation Year End Evaluation Survey Local Main Street Program SAMPLE,

 Action Plan- Cumberland, KY,

 Action Plan- Cumberland, KY,

 ADA Small Business Primer,

 ADA Small Business Primer,

 Adams Hats Building,

 Adapting a 1920s Downtown Hotel into Apartments for Senior Citizens: The Robert E. Lee Hotel ,

 Adaptive Reuse of Canton Mill as Loft Apartments,

 Adaptive Reuse of Crane and Cherokee Cottages,

 Adaptive Use of a 1915 Post Office: The Thomasville Genealogical, History and Fine Arts Library. 1993-1997,

 Adaptive Use of a Gas Station: The Central High Museum and Visitor Center ,

 Adaptive Use of a Log Cabin as a Literary Center,

 Adaptive Use of a Train Station Using ISTEA Funding: The Orange County Visitors Bureau,

 Adaptive Use of an Art Deco Office Building as the Radisson-Redick Tower Hotel,

 Adaptive Use of Anderson Lumber Mill Building

 Adaptive Use of Architecturally Diverse Historic Structures for Affordable Housing Located in Seven States in the Midwest and Mountain/Plains Region.,

 Adaptive Use of Bridgeport Bank as Community Theater,

 Adaptive Use of City French Bakery Building,

 Adaptive Use of Cocheco Falls Millworks,

 Adaptive Use of Flournoy House,

 Adaptive Use of Ford Motor Company Building,

 Adaptive Use of Historic Mill Buildings,

 Adaptive Use of Northam Memorial Chapel,

 Adaptive Use of Park Home (Herdic House Hotel),

 Adaptive Use of Rochester`s Old City Hall as Private Apartments,

 Adaptive Use of Sanger Quadrant at the Washington Navy Yard,

 Adaptive Use of the Bon Marché Building,

 Adaptive Use of the Brigham Young Academy`s Education Building as the New Provo City Library. 1995-Present,

 Adaptive Use of the Continental Bank Home as the Hotel Monaco,

 Adaptive Use of the Dallas City Jail,

 Adaptive Use of the Former St. Luke`s Rectory as a Homeless Shelter and a Community Center,

 Adaptive Use of the Franklin Masonic Temple,

 Adaptive Use of the International Order of Odd Fellows` Howard Lodge No. 71,

 Adaptive Use of the Joslyn Castle,

 Adaptive Use of the Kansas Seed House,

 Adaptive Use of the Klotz Building,

 Adaptive Use of the Kramer School as an Artist's Live/Work Facility.,

 Adaptive Use of the L. S. Ayres Department Store,

 Adaptive Use of the Liphart Block,

 Adaptive Use of the Litzenberger Mill.,

 Adaptive Use of the Logan Union Pacific Railroad Depot as a Museum and Restaurant,

 Adaptive use of the Lyons Depot

 Adaptive Use of the Morrison-Merrill Building,

 Adaptive Use of the New Castle Masonic Temple,

 Adaptive Use of the Pioneer Block Building as a Post Office (1995-1996),

 Adaptive Use of the Ridgway Library as the Philadelphia High School for the Creative and Performing Arts,

 Adaptive Use of the Southern Hotel as Affordable Housing for the Elderly (1993-1996),

 Adaptive Use of the Stegmaier Brewery Complex as a Regional Federal Office Center,

 Adaptive Use of the Zane School as Architectural Offices,

 Adaptive Use of Zion National Park Oak Creek Utility Area Equipment Shed

 Adaptive Use: Historic Church Finds New Life as Library for the Texas Historical Commission (1969-Present),

 Adas Israel Synagogue,

 Adelaide Avenue Revitalization Project,

 Adena: The Home of Thomas Worthington,

 Adler Theatre,

 Adopt-An-Artifact Program,

 Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure,

 Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities Brochure,

 Agreement Bridges Gap Between Neighborhood and Development ,

 Agreement for Professional Services SAMPLE,

 Ain't That Preservation,


 Aladdin Hotel,

 Alaska Native Brotherhood Hall,

 Albers Brothers Mill,

 Alcoves, University of Michigan Law School,

 Algerian Chancery Building ,

 Alicia`s Place,

 Alleghany Building Restored with Low-Income Housing and Retail,

 Allegheny County Jail,

 Allen County Courthouse,

 Allentown Center Square Senior Residences ,

 Alley Design Code - Blagden Alley Washington DC,

 Alley Design Code - Naylor Court Washington DC,

 Allied Member List Use Agreement,

 Allied Member List Use Agreement,

 Allied Member Request for Label Form,

 Allied Member Request for Label Form,

 Alumni Hall Cultural and Visitor Center,

 Amana Visitor`s Center,

 American Bankers Building ,

 American Can Renewal Project ,

 American Hotel ,

 American Immigration Law Center / National Union Building,

 American Tobacco Company Warehouses,

 American Tobacco Historic District,

 American Wire Building No. 4,

 Americanization School Community Center: Transforming a 1930s School Building into a Community Resource Center (1990-1994),

 America`s Credit Union Museum,

 Ames Research Center ,

 Anatomy of a Building,

 Anatomy of a Building,

 Anderson Slave Pen,

 Andrew and Jenssine Thompson House,

 Angels Flight Railway,

 Ann Arbor Railroad Corporate Offices,

 Ann Arbor/Avalon Housing,

 Annapolis Maritime Museum, Barge house,

 Anne Arundel County Circut Courthouse Preservation and Expansion ,

 Annobee Apartments,

 Annual Meeting Program- Washington, DC (14th & U),

 Annual Meeting Program- Washington, DC (14th & U),

 Annual Report Main Street Iowa 2006,

 Annual Report Poster,

 Annual Report SAMPLE - Arizona,

 Annual Report SAMPLE - Indiana ,