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National Main Street Center, Inc., (NMSC) staff includes some of the most experienced commercial revitalization practitioners in the country. The consulting services staff members is each extremely well-versed in revitalization issues and has a specialization in a specific area of revitalization. All NMSC consulting staff work with a wide range of communities of different populations, demographics, economic conditions, and markets. Most have worked "in the trenches" as directors of local revitalization programs. When delivering consulting and training services, we work with the community to understand local needs and dynamics and to develop targeted, workable solutions for implementation.

We firmly believe in community-driven commercial district revitalization. We understand the challenges and constraints that communities face in revitalizing downtowns and urban neighborhood business districts, and we know you don't have time or money to waste. Each of our staff members do everything we can to help communities rebuild or enhance thriving and vital commercial districts.

Meet our staff:

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